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  1. HP drops Windows 7 from 'Slate' tablet, will use WebOS variant
  2. Adobe giving away Android phones to employees
  3. Some Avatar buyers still cannot play their Blu-rays
  4. Valve confirms Steam for Mac release date
  5. Apple vs. Adobe Round 2: Steve Jobs and Shantanu Narayen duke it out
  6. Sony sued over PS3 firmware update that removes 'OtherOS' feature
  7. Hulu for the UK killed off, for now
  8. Gizmodo's Jason Chen has computers seized
  9. New PS3 internals should make the hardware profitable
  10. BBC HD quality campaign to meet BBC
  11. Virgin Media's Berkett paid £3.6m in 2009
  12. Stephen Hawking backs possibility for humans to time travel
  13. Adobe confirms plans to move away from Apple
  14. Legality of raid on home of iPhone blogger raid queried
  15. David Cameron to kill the Digital Economy Act?
  16. Sony releases water-resistant Metal Gear Solid-themed Walkman
  17. iPhone HD found again - torn apart this time
  18. Blackburn men jailed for 14 years over digital tv scam
  19. Apple iPhone 4 major problem!!
  20. New Windows phone is an AD server!!!
  21. NEW SKYBOX China style
  22. France Starts Reporting ‘Millions’ of File-Sharers
  23. NSFW:x-factor reject goes topless.
  24. Man jailed for selling Hooky cable Boxes
  25. BBC1 HD Channel
  26. Virgin: 'BBC should fund broadband rollout'
  27. Desmond settles £1m 'Believing' bill
  28. Virgin Media mulls nationwide wi-fi network
  29. Cable TV threat from next-gen mobile broadband
  30. Sky3 to become Pick TV
  31. BBC's 1923 silent newsreel piracy warning unearthed
  32. Sky 3D video gives glimpse behind the curtain
  33. Sony releases PS3 firmware update to foil hackers
  34. Premier League TV football choice 'upheld' by EU advice
  35. Trio accused of massive fraud over TV contracts
  36. Some Japan pics
  37. gers win 4-0 against 8 man dundee utd to go 4 points clear
  38. Virgin Media to trial worlds fastest cable broadband
  39. Our future queen.
  40. Chinese man wakes up with mystery tattoo on bottom after routine surgery
  41. Blind man confused over 'mystery enema'
  42. Escaped bull poses as shop mannequin before going on rampage
  43. Major defeat for Sky
  44. Hackers take down child sites
  45. MegaUpload Shut Down by Feds
  46. Pirate Bay vows to go underground
  47. Its a Cracker Frank Carson Dies
  48. GAZZA How the mighty have fallen
  49. Liberty Cable to buy Virgin Media?
  50. Tesco to launch Clubcard TV
  51. Margaret Thatcher dies after suffering a stroke
  52. mourinho is still a class act
  53. Mikaeel Kular: Police find body and detain mother
  54. Is the First Lady a Man
  55. Ultra H.D from Netflix