View Full Version : My verdict: TM-6900HD

23-08-2010, 08:21
This is the first ever HD box that came from Technomate and I bought one as it had the HD option.

Unfortunately this box is already showing it's first signs of getting older so I would advice any one thinking of getting one of making sure you get the newer Super model as the first one lacks the very important Blind Search function. This box also have a DTT tuner which I never have used as my flat's all have this built into them. Why I paid extra for this function is still one of those huge questions I have :-(

I also had great problems with the actual patch (Darkman). The time would often show the wrong time and the recording function was not very stable. Eventually had to swap back to the original FW which kind of took away the reason for why I got the box in the first place.

Also, the box won't show all HD formats so you can end up with a black screen instead of wonderful HD pictures.

This said, Technomate receivers are quite good in my opinion as I have had a few in the past and are very easy to patch, loads channel list etc.

Sorry I didn't have very much contribute regarding the TM6900HD.