View Full Version : Watching movies online?

16-09-2010, 21:36
Where can my daughter watch full length movies online?

She's been watching them on Megavideo.com but after 72 minutes it tells you you've exceeded your bandwidth for the day and to click on a link if you want to continue watching the movie but it's then asking for credit card details, £60 a year lol.

Are there any free sites where you can watch whole movies?


17-09-2010, 13:46
videobox.pk check it out first mte

17-09-2010, 14:09
videobox.pk worth a look mte

20-09-2010, 16:04
hi ,deeboi give this a try http://www.freefullmovies.net/watch.free.movies.divx.html some off them are quite good.

20-09-2010, 20:32
another good site is ovguide.com its a index site that links most movie, soap, cartoon sites outhere, plus its got a search function to help you on your way.