View Full Version : Looking for a couple of episodes

15-05-2012, 15:30
Just wondering if anyone watches/downloads Mythbusters or American Chopper.

These are getting harder to get as the weeks go by.

I'm looking for MythBusters (Season: 10 Episode: 8) - Bouncing Bullet and
American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior (Season: 3 Episode: 13) - Change of Heart

nzb or torrents, I'm not too fussed, cheers.

15-05-2012, 16:35
Should be up tomorrow m8 as the last episodes are showing as 7 days ago

15-05-2012, 17:31
I usually get Mythbusters on Mondays and American Chopper on Tuesdays, been like that all season.

Just me getting impatient, lol no PC means I've been downloading lots of TV shows on my netbook to watch.

New HDD on the way now though, thank god, this netbook is driving me nutz, lol it's OK but it's only an 8" version can't wait to use a full size keyboard and 28" monitor again.