View Full Version : ill manors

14-10-2012, 13:10

I watched this last night and have to say its well worth a watch. I had seen the trailer for it and thought it looked like another cheap made uk made film. Its quite a harsh/hard hitting story line of life in london underword and defo worth a watch.

14-10-2012, 23:26
Cheers gav
I waited a while to see this one
But had the opposite out come
Thought it was hard to follow with not much story ,did pick up towards the end though ..6/10 for me ..................Paul

15-10-2012, 13:14
must agree with paul

infact i would go as far as to say total shite , 1/10 and thats only for the spit roast scene :)

16-10-2012, 14:22
10 and a kebab. lol