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10-11-2012, 16:49
Can't see any mention of this on the main forum links, so thought I'd start a thread.
I came from using PS3MediaServer, through XBMC on a HTPC bolted to the back of my old Panasonic TV and with the advent of networked TV's that adhere to the DLNA standard, moved onto Serviio (http://www.serviio.org/).

Tbh I started off with Twonky, since that's what my Panny has been designed to support..it works well enough, but it isn't free. (Tversity might also work, but I haven't tried that yet)

My TV is a Panasonic GT50 series, but with Serviio set up I have no problem playing 1080p .mkv's and other formats to the TV.
It didn't work right off the bat though since I didn't have a decent profile in place, but that's a piece of piss.

In the Serviio program>config folder there's a Profile.xml file that you can edit and add your TV profile to (if it's required and not available from the Status>Renderer Profile dropdowns).

It looks like this:

<Profile id="24" name="Panasonic Viera With AVI Support" extendsProfileId="1">
<ContentDirectoryMessageBuilder>org.serviio.upnp.service.contentdirectory.PacketVi deoDLNAMessageBuilder</ContentDirectoryMessageBuilder>
<MediaFormatProfile mime-type="video/divx">AVI</MediaFormatProfile>
<!-- Transcode h264 videos with profile level > 4.1 to mpegts with ac3 audio -->
<Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetVCodec="mpeg2video" targetACodec="ac3" >
<Matches container="avi" vCodec="h264" profile="high" levelGreaterThan="4.2" />
<Matches container="avi" vCodec="h264" profile="main" levelGreaterThan="4.2" />
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="h264" profile="high" levelGreaterThan="4.2" />
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="h264" profile="main" levelGreaterThan="4.2" />
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="h264" profile="high" levelGreaterThan="4.2" />
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="h264" profile="main" levelGreaterThan="4.2" />
<!-- remux VORBIS/FLAC/LPCM in MKV/MP4 to AC3 -->
<Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetACodec="ac3" >
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="h264" aCodec="flac" />
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="h264" aCodec="vorbis" />
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="h264" aCodec="truehd" />
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="h264" aCodec="lpcm"/>
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="h264" aCodec="aac"/>
<Matches container="3gp" vCodec="h264" />
<!-- Remux MPEG-TS with no transcoding -->
<Video targetContainer="mpegts">
<Matches container="avi" vCodec="h264" />
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="h264" />
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="mpeg2video"/>
<!-- Remux WTV files to MPEG-PS with no transcoding-->
<Video targetContainer="mpeg">
<Matches container="wtv" />
<!-- unsupported codecs will be transcoded into mpeg-ts, mpeg2 video and ac3 audio -->
<Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetVCodec="mpeg2video" targetACodec="ac3">
<Matches container="avi" vCodec="mjpeg" />
<Matches container="avi" vCodec="dvvideo" />
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="mjpeg" />
<Matches container="mp4" vCodec="mpeg4" />
<Matches container="mpeg" vCodec="mpeg1video" />
<Matches container="matroska" vCodec="mpeg4" />
<Matches container="asf" />
<Matches container="flv" />
<Matches container="ogg" />
<Matches container="3gp" />
<!-- unsupported audio will be transcoded into lpcm audio -->
<Audio targetContainer="lpcm">
<Matches container="flac" />
<Matches container="ogg" />
<Matches container="asf" />
<Matches container="adts" />
</Profile>..and is just a copy/paste job.

There also online plugins (that I've still to figure out), but they come in a bundle

...but they do need the relevant URL's added individually (something else to figure out).

It'd be handy if someone else has figured this out and can post up some info, :cool: