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ITGate TGC200 Review

OK, here's a kinda review for the ITGate TGC200 and I suppose an Advertisement for our vey own where I purchased the Receiver.


So first things first the Box was received the day after being sent and was delivered by APC Overnight Courier which had to be signerd for.


Photo1. The Package.


Once the package was opened the box the receiver was in was also covered in bubble wrap.


Photo2. The actual ITGate TGC200 box.



Photo3. As you can see the box contains The ITGate TGC200, Remote Control, Batteries, F-Type to RF Connector, Power Cable, Instruction Manual and a Quick Setup Instuction Sheet.



Photo3. The Front of the Receiver.



Photo4. The back of the Receiver.



Right, so I've just puchased my very 1st cable receiver the ITGate TGC200.

On first impressions the receiver has quite a cool unusual shape and looks nice in my TV unit.


As I was also keeping my subbed box I also had to purchase a splitter and 2x F-Type Cables. Which cost under £6 delivered.


F-Type Cable 1m £0.49each

Delivery= £1.79

Total= £5.11


When you first plug the box in it's reccomended to plug the cable feed straight to the ITGate without the splitter.

So screw the F-Type to RF convertor onto you main cable feed and plug it into the back of the ITGate.

Plug in scart lead from ITGate to TV.

Plug power cable in, and thats that. Really simple.


Setup of the channels couldn't be easier, In photo3 you see a sheet of paper. That's all you need to set up you receiver.

It's so easy, hold the sheet of paper in one hand and the Remote in the other hand and follow the simple instructions.

Within 10-15 minutes you should have the box setup with all channels. (Unless you have to do a Brutefoce scan which takes 5-10 minutes longer lol.)

There's also a Setup Guide here on Techno-Source ITGate SetUp Guide



After setting up the box to receive channels you'd think that's it, but you'd be wrong.


Once you connect an ethernet cable between ITGate and PC or via Router theres more things this receiver can do.

Connecting ITGate via Crossover Cable

Connecting to a Router is the same as above except you use a straight through cable rather than the crossover cable.



This Receiver also has the capabilities to Record to PC (via ethernt cable) using the remote control.

You can also watch the .avi movies you've downloaded to your PC on you're ITGate TGC200 (via ethernet cable) using remote control.

It doesn't stop there, you can also view Photo's and listen to MP3's (via ethernet cable) using the remote control.

If you need help with above just put a post in the ITGate TGC200 Section There's alsway help available.



lol we're not finished yet. If you type in http://192.168.1.xx (your ITGates ip address) you enter the Web Interface in which you can control the box from your PC or a wireless Laptop on your network.

(ie you can lie in your bed with your laptop and change channels or record to PC without leaving you bed. provided you have everything setup)



This box is also really easy to Flash. ITGate Flashing Guide via Ethernet or Serial cable.


There's also ITGate User Tips


There's loads more features including Games & Changable Skins and lots I've not seen yet with this box but I've only had it a week.




As this is my 1st cable receiver I have nothing to compare it to, I can only say as a first time user I found this box really easy to set up the basic settings.(Channels,Ethernet to PC)

Setting up the Recording, Watch Avi's , View Photo's and Listen to MP3's was a little bit harder but I just put that down to no inexperience of Linux Boxes.

In the week I've had this box I've learned loads about it by just experimenting with it and reading the guides.


I would give the ITGate TGC200 8/10 ;D

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