anybody with a soft or hard modded wii that likes mariokart but are fed up with playing the same tracks make your own or download other peoples.
have a look here h**tp:// and if you like what you see read on.

Chadsoft has released an SZS modifier which allows for custom tracks to be patched into an ISO on MKWii.

How do i play on them?

Well first of all, if you are a noob or new at this, you will have to download the mario Kart wii game (ISO) I will not be giving out links, just search it you self. The Open it with wiiscrubber. Extract any SZS file, and open that SZS file with the SZS Modifier. Click on "Patches" and download the patch. Since its a patch, it is completely LEGAL to share and give out On the patch, when you download it, read the discription, it should say witch SZS file to replace. Go to the ISO and find that certain track file. Once found, open it up with the SZS modifier and press "Import Patch" and then save it and replace it with wiiscrubber and done!

How to download tracks:
Download the SZS modifier,
Press "patches"
Click on "browse through patch server"
press "download" on any one