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Thread: My personal golf trainer

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    Default My personal golf trainer


    Ive been trying to get this game to load vai usb for the past few days. I was using GX loader without any success so switched to cfg USB Loader which lets you customize numerous options to better suit your preferences. The settings i used were
    set anti 002 fix from off to on
    set alt dol:to opening.dol
    set ios to 222-mload.

    If you still cant get it to work try changing the alt dol: from opening.dol to player.dol first which lets you watch the safety video. You should then get a blank screen ( this is what happened to me). Go back and change the alt.dol back to opening.dol and the game should now load.

    I cant try this game via neogamma as my drive is dead but its been reported to also work using this method.

    If anyone needs any files just ask and i will upload them. I had to update quite a few ios's on my syatem to get the game to play.

    I also found a homebrew app for updating your files on your wii called pimp my wii. I never got round to trying it as i had already updated my files manually. This app comes with a risk as alot of people using it have bricked there wii by using the wrong settings. Just a heads up if you go with this option.
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