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Thread: DNS packages

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    Default DNS packages

    Im after some advice for a friend. He works as a security engineer installing alarms-cctv-fire systems and is planning on going it on his own and starting up on his own. Hes been asked by a few new clients if he can provide cctv networked online so they login and view live feeds from and networked cctv camera. Hes not looking to use ip camereas but cctv with a dvr unit networked online. His aim is to setup some sort of dns account which he can control and give customers passwords to access there cctv feed so after 1 year he has the option to end the live feed subscription if they choose not to renew with him. From what ive read its fairly simple to do with one dvr unit straight to your router. The trouble im getting is finding out how to set this up with various clients using a dns service. Its a bit of a random post but thought its worth a shot.

    Cheers for any help.


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    DynDNS is probably the most popular one, but he'd need to set up an account for each client and add the fee to their bill ($25 a year) plus management costs.
    To save himself some hassle he could also install the DynDNS auto updater app on one of the PC's on the clients site if they're using a dynamic IP address (Some ISP's off a static IP on their Business Accounts, so there's no need on those).
    ...worth noting that a lot of routers these days offer DDNS in their settings which does the same job as the standalone auto updater.

    I also think that the PVR has to support the feature (iirc most do and some offer their own DNS service as part of the package), or it'd be a bit of a faff working around remote viewing through a PC on the site (as in, it would have to be always on and you'd need to use remote desktop to view the feeds on it)
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